C A M P !


We are extremely excited to be able to offer a summer camp experience once again to our customers! Our camp will be operating at a max of 12 children between the ages of 5-10 years; this is 3 less than we are permitted to have. We want to start off the reopening process slowly to ensure staff and customers are safe and have an enjoyable experience.


We will try to spend a lot of time outdoors (there is a field and walking trails behind our building) weather permitting, as well as activities that will focus on age appropriate math and reading skills. We know the children are anxious to get back to playing on the playground, we will rotate children on the equipment to ensure there is plenty of room for safe play.


We always pride ourselves on maintaining a clean and safe facility and will continue to do so. Cleaning and sanitization, hand washing, and safety reminders with the campers will take place throughout the day. In accordance with the Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit guidelines, children and staff attending an indoor camp are not required to wear a facemask. Given that our campers and staff will be engaging in a lot of physical activity wearing facemasks will be completely voluntary.


Campers must bring, their own food including snacks, lunch, and a refillable water bottle; it is recommended that campers bring a change of clothes including socks, a hat, and sunscreen. We kindly ask that all electronics, toys, and money stay at home. We will engage in activities that could damage clothing such as paint so please dress accordingly.


We are only accepting registration on a weekly basis (three consecutive days), no single day registration is available.  Children and staff will be required to complete a COVID-19 screening test everyday upon arrival, should your child not pass the screening, your child will not be permitted at camp and a refund will be provided.


We are confident in the procedures we have put in place and hope we have answered any questions you may have had; we are always available to clarify or provide further details should you have any concerns.

PA Day


  • Camp runs Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday's in August and the first week of September.
  • Drop off is 9:00AM and pick up is 4:00PM. No before of after care available at this time.
  • Each day campers will be given the opportunity to participate in hands on educational activities, explore outdoors, have fun with games, crafts, and join in a variety of physical activities
  • Detailed overview of your child’s camp experience provided



1. The child attending camp must be at least 5 years old.


2. The child attending camp must be potty trained.


3. We are unable to assist a child who has had a bathroom related accident: should an accident occure, parents will be contacted.


4. Payment in full MUST be received at the time of registration in order to secure their space in the chosen camp.


5. Please DO NOT send your child with money, electronics, or valuables. We are not responsible for any items of value that may become lost or stolen.


6. Each child must have an up to date registration form (from the current year) on file.


7. Each child must have a photo release completed (either allowing or denying) and signed for the current calendar year.


8. Each child must bring with them a full change of clothes and at least 2 pairs of socks. (1 to wear and 1 extra.)


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